Unity House 2nd floor, Kenyatta highway, Thika Town

Welcome to Ukoo Africa Homes

Ukoo Africa Homes is one of Kenya’s leading, trusted and efficient real estate company.

About Us

We are a company based in Thika ensuring families own homes at an affordable cost maintaining quality and ensuring value for money.

Our Mission

Building of habitable state of art houses for home owners at an affordable cost ensuring quality.

Our Vision

To be the most efficient and reliable home providing company.

How We work

Land Acquisition

We acquire big pieces of land suitable for big housing projects like estates or communities.

Plot Subdividing

We survey big pieces of lands and sub divide them in to small size plots.

Title Deeds

For all sub divided plots by us, we acquire the title deeds for each of them.

House Plan

We work with our clients to design and prepare house plan that ensure the dream of a modern home is achieved.


We do construction of houses as per delivered house plan & NCA regulations


Handing over of completed houses to home owners within one year and issuing of relevant titles​


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